The rudest BMW Motorbike-Workshop of the world

Cyclones Motorcycles: The end of the world in terms of service and customer care

(in German below)

„This is not the end of the world“ was the comment, with which the mechanic refused to repair the fault he had caused. Because BMW delivered the wrong part, he had to drill the holes slightly larger during installation, so that the screws fit in there. Actually he was surprised that the screws then always hit the hose of the Scottoiler as well. „But this is not the end of the world, and now leave me alone, I have to work.“ And here, poor fool, I stand, with a false sprocket and a useless Scottoiler. Two weeks ago I brought a functioning motorcycle to service, including of change chain set. When I pointed to the Scottoiler at the time, it still sounded like „I know what you are talking about!“.
The junior boss comes and deescalates before I explode. He apologizes for the behavior and incompetence of his colleague and promises me the expert for BMW’s back in the workshop on Monday and he would be able to solve the problem. I trust him. On Monday morning I am on time in the workshop and I get to do it with the senior boss. Without any chance to describe the problem, he says self-confidently he knows what it is about and asked me rude and obtrusively to leave the workshop and drink a cup of coffee in the showroom. Never there was a coffee there, which the senior chef should know. Weiterlesen

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