Home to Nepal – and further

If you Iike you can follow my online presentation in the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians in August 2019 here.

He is a very interesting fellow with lots of wonderful experiences to share with us!  Dieter has packed up his motorcycle and is riding all over the world visiting Rotary clubs in support of depression awareness.

Brian Greene, President of the Club.

Der Vortrag ist liegt leider nur in Englischer Sprache vor.


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Fellows Ride – The adventure Down Under begins

With a jump into the Murray River at Loxton in SA, I immersed myself in the hospitality of the Rotary family of Australia. Nestled in a beautiful landscape, the river flows directly past the estate of Tony Moyle. He and his dear Julie not only gave me food and lodging, as Tony had informed all members of the IFMR (International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians) in Australia, about my arrival to Down Under. Weiterlesen

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